Can You Restuff a Build-A-Bear Friend?

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We’ve all been there. Your child walks up to you with a broken toy, in tears and not quite sure what to do about it. Many parents attempt DIY fixing to the best of their abilities, but often this isn’t enough. Worst case scenario, a beloved toy may need to be separated from its owner indefinitely. With Build-A-Bear, we’ve got you covered for any kind of repair work, including stuffing and stitching. When one of our plushies needs some extra love and care, we’ve got a workshop team that’s ready to help make it happen. That means you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself, and you’re guaranteed that one of our “doctors” will be able to keep the beloved bear in the family for as long as possible. 

Fun Comes With Wear & Tear

It’s important to remember that when a child is exploring the world imaginatively, a lot of time play is going to involve scratches and scrapes, wear and tear and so forth. This is part of the experience of creative learning, which means that most toys do have a “sell-by date” so to speak. Accidents happen as well, and something as innocent as washing the jacket of a stuffed animal only for it to lose a button can cause a tricky situation. When you remember that it’s all part of the process, and you communicate that with your child in a way they can understand, you’re teaching a valuable lesson at a very young age. It helps too, of course, when you’ve got a team that can help with repairs on speed dial!

A Lesson in Responsibility

The act of caring for a plushie or other toy helps children to develop a sense of responsibility, as well as teaching them that it’s important to look after the things that we care about. Telling your child that their Build-A-Bear will need to go to the “Bear Hospital” if they don’t look after it well, will encourage them to make sure that their beloved friend doesn’t get sick. When a bear needs some stitching or stuffing, you can make the child a part of the process, and give them peace of mind that their best friend is in good hands, and will be looked after throughout the entire process. We love offering peace of mind, which comes naturally to us after over twenty years of experience doing so.

Two Teddy bears embracing and looking away from the camera

When Teddy Goes M.I.A

One thing that’s harder to prepare for is the unfortunate event that happens all too often. When a teddy goes missing after a day at the beach, or just in the general day-to-day hustle and bustle, it can be heartbreaking for any child. That’s why we’ve designed the Find-A-Bear® ID Program, which is linked to our Build-A-Bear Bonus Club. When you register, your furry friend is automatically added to a database, meaning that should someone return it to any workshop, we will be able to get it home to you based on the information we have. As you can imagine, this has created many tearful reunions over the years, which create memorable moments for our team. 

Peace Of Mind For Bear Repairs

At Build-A-Bear, we’re proud to offer peace of mind to parents and children that when the unthinkable happens, there is a plan to help with getting their beloved bear back into tip-top shape. From stitching, fluffing, mending, brushing and even just giving them a big hug, our team of workshop “doctors” offer a repair bridge that can often mean the difference between an unhappy and a happy child. If you’re looking to start your child off with their first Build-A-Bear and to create memories that will last a lifetime, we look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops very soon.

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